ACPM (L’Alliance Pour Les Chifres de la Presse et thes Medias) supporting I-COM Global Summit 2019


We welcome back ACPM (L’Alliance Pour Les Chifres de la Presse et thes Medias) as one of the I-COM Geographic Representative Organizations.

ACPM, the French Joint Industry Commitee in charge of print circulation and readership measurement, has been created in 2015 and resulted from the merge of the historical structures dedicated to each activities: OJD (for circulation) and AudiPresse (for readership). Since that merger ACPM has expanded its missions to a wider media universe.

The mission of ACPM is to:

  1. Control print circulations to ensure transparency toward advertising market;

  2. Develop the most relevant and operational readership surveys;

  3. Forecast and conceive surveys and future actions according to the needs of the market.

Certifications and labels:

  • Print circulation;

  • Print readership;

  • Frequentation of sites and apps;

  • The broadcasting of digital radios;

  • Digital out of Home Trust, certification;

  • The Digital Ad Trust Label.

ACPM data plays a major role in the particularly competitive media sector.

  • The certification of the circulation of a title or the frequentation of a site, is a guarantee of reliability.

  • ACPM readership measurement is a reference in the media market.

  • Joining the ACPM shows the publishers' desire for transparency, their requirement and their interest in comparing themselves to others.

  • The ACPM data are a part of the marketing tools and are the main indicator to fix advertising rates in line with titles circulation

  • The access to ACPM data is available for free on the ACPM website.

  • Access to figures via the ACPM “DataBase” allows market analysis and historical research since 1990