Ad tech company The Trade Desk plans to build a bigger ad targeting data set than Google or Facebook

Jeff Green

Jeff Green

Oct. 4, 2017 - Mike Shields, Advertising Editor at Business Insider, writes: In the digital ad business, it's assumed that nobody has more data on consumers than Facebook and Google.

Which is why the so-called duopoly continues to pull in the vast majority of new ad revenue growth, since the more data you have, the better ad targeting you can do.

But the ad tech firm The Trade Desk believes it can out data-the duopoly.

Over the next few years the company wants to piece together a larger and richer set of consumer internet data that can be used for ad targeting than either Facebook or Google.

If it pulls it off, that could put the company in an enviable, powerful position in the ad world.

"Our ID footprint will be larger than any single company login footprint," Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green [pictured] said during the company's investor day in New York on Wednesday. Green is referring to the various ways people log-in to web sites and apps, providing information on their names, locations, interests, relationships – all of which can be used to identify people and target them with relevant ads. More...