Adform Brings Native Advertising to Scale with Programmatic Buying

Jurjen de Wal.jpg

October 06, 2016 - Advertisers really want their content to resonate with consumers and ensure their ads are seen by targeted readers. This is exactly what’s possible with programmatic native advertising!

Native ads blend in with original content, allowing both advertisers and publishers to offer an immersive, yet user-friendly, ad experience. These non-intrusive advertising experiences are proven to be more effective at capturing consumers’ attention, making them increasingly sought out by advertisers.

Jurjen de Wal [pictured], Product Director Mobile Solutions at Adform, talked about this release: "I'm excited to announce native ad support in our MP, which is great news for our clients. Native ads complement the behavior of the modem user, seamlessly integrating with the content they consume while delivering an immersive brand experience. They allow us to tell a consistent story across devices and improve performance, with higher engagement levels than standard ad units”. More …