Advocacy platform Global Citizen picks Havas as media agency

Global Citizen and Havas.png

February 20, 2019 - Posted at marketing-interactive: International advocacy platform, Global Citizen, has appointed Havas Media Group as its media agency. In addition to planning and buying duties, Havas Media will advise the organisation on establishing effective brand and media partnerships and will enhance those partnerships through better measurement.

Moreover, Havas Media will support Global Citizen as it expands its reach and engagement amongst audiences worldwide. According to a statement, with Havas Media, Global Citizen has already formed relationships with a number of brand partners who have given their commitments and support to the organisation.

Havas Media Group will also advise the anti-poverty organisation on measuring brand value and developing business opportunities. Through a mix of content, events, and grassroots organising, the Global Citizen movement is said to engage millions of people from around the world each month to take social action via global campaigns.

Havas Media Group CEO Peter Mears [pictured] said that Global Citizen enables people around the world to use media in “meaningful” ways through “compelling” content and engaging events.

“From signing petitions and tweeting to writing representatives, as well as attending events and sharing impactful content, Global Citizen helps create social change. It’s the perfect partner for Havas Media as we are committed to meaningful media actions to build meaningful brands,” he added. More...