Analytic Partners Launches Weather-Influenced Demand Forecasting Solution

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

New York, NY (September 25, 2018)Analytic Partners, the global leader in analytics, today announced the launch of Helio, a weather-influenced demand forecasting solution designed to help companies make better informed media buying, marketing, sales, field sales staffing, direct to consumer messaging, supply chain and finance decisions.

Helio uses innovative machine learning models to capture non-linear relationships, sophisticated interactions and unique dynamics to predict demand – from a high level down to granular detail – based upon sophisticated weather forecasts. These predictive forecasts fueled by machine learning help answer important business questions by looking forward instead of backwards and are highly accurate with a less than 3% monthly error.

While businesses have long recognized weather as an important factor, solutions that over-rely on past weather trends for decision making are unreliable as weather has become more volatile and less likely to follow expected trends, leaving businesses unprepared to react. Helio enables marketers to better plan and react to changing situations by looking forward at weather forecasts and the impact they will have on business performance.

“A small change in the temperature and precipitation for a geographic area can make demand for a product spike or disappear or make an advertisement effective or irrelevant,” said Nancy Smith [pictured], President and CEO at Analytic Partners. “By having a better sense of what to expect at a granular level, businesses can be better prepared for what is to come and can ensure they are maximizing their efforts across the whole organization.” More...