Apple Plans To Make Ads More Private, But Give Advertisers Data, Attribution


May 22, 2019 - Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost writes: Apple has introduced a new technology that allows attribution of advertising clicks while protecting user privacy.

The approach is more modern, wrote John Wilander, a security and privacy engineer on the WebKit team at Apple, in a blog post on Wednesday. While it doesn’t allow for cross-site tracking of users, it does provide a means to measure the effectiveness of online ads.

The technology is based on something called Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution. “It is built into the browser itself and runs on-device which means that the browser vendor does not get to see what ads are clicked or which purchases are made,” he wrote, describing the details of the technology and how it works.

To get a sense of how an ad click attribution works, he wrote: “An online store runs an ad on a search engine website. If a user clicks the ad and eventually buys something, both the online store and the search engine website where the ad was placed want to know; they want the purchase to be attributed to the ad click so that the store knows where to focus their advertising budget.”

The attribution, of course, is used to measure and identify the effective ads. More...