AudienceProject New study: Is relevance the cure for ad blocking?

JUNE 19, 2018 - Rune Werliin, VP, Marketing & Professional Services at AudienceProject, writes: Ad blocking is very much still a problem for the digital industry. And now ad blocking is growing on mobile devices too. However, by delivering relevant ads, understanding audiences and improving the ad experience, the use of ad blocking can potentially be reduced.

The issue of ad blocking has been flying a bit under the radar due to other topics taking the spotlight (did anyone mention GDPR?). Unfortunately, blocking ads did not magically become a thing of the past, while we weren’t looking. In a brand new study, we take stock of the current situation.

Mobile ad blocking on the rise

While ad blocking on the computer is more or less flat-lining, ad blocking on the mobile is rising . Especially Germany (a new addition to our insight studies) has a high level of mobile ad blocking. More...