AudienceProject will continue to measure Google in pixel-less environment


October 19, 2017 - Brian Larsen, CCO & COO of AudienceProject, writes: Google/YouTube will migrate away from third party tracking pixels, AudienceReport will still be able to measure YouTube campaigns in the new pixel-less environment.

Increasing media consumption across screens and in-app
Users and viewers have long been consuming content across multiple screens. An increasing part of our time is therefore spent in apps rather than browsers.

We are focused on helping you better measure your campaigns on every screen.
That is why AudienceReport measures in-app by default using device ids for both IOS & Android, enabling us to deliver the metrics that you know and love from AudienceReport for both in-app and browser based campaigns.

International platforms require special integration
Some international platforms don’t parse device ids by default when measuring campaigns running in-app. For them it is necessary to make a special integration to be able to measure campaigns properly. One of those platforms is Google/YouTube. More...