IBM points to Director of Marketing Data as ‘hottest new role’


December 18, 2018 - Barry Levine of MarTech Today writes: Artificial intelligence, which became a mainstay for many marketing tools in 2018, isn’t just a power booster. It can change the nature of customer targeting and personalization, and, according to a new IBM Marketing Trends report released Monday, it creates the need for someone to fill the “hottest new role” in marketing: Director of Marketing Data.

Feeding the CDP. That position is one of several AI-driven trends cited in the report as “redefining what it means to be a modern marketer.” Others include the acceleration of agile marketing adoption, the final merging of ad tech and martech, the transformation driven by customer-centricity and the improvement of data hygiene and customer trust because of the new consumer privacy regulations.

The new Director of Marketing Data role, IBM forecasts, will work with vendors and internal teams on data integration and create processes for the collection of data into a customer data platform (CDP).

While there are different definitions for CDPs, the idea of a centralized, golden master of customer-related data has taken hold at Oracle, Salesforce, and other major platforms and smaller tool developers. But collecting and then orchestrating that data, often in real time, requires a variety of skills. More...