BPC Introduces Programmatic Blockchain Platform

Pavel Cherkashin

Pavel Cherkashin

November 21, 2017 - Laurie Sullivan, writer and editor for MediaPost, writes: BPC (Blockchain Programmatic Corp.) cofounder and CEO, Pavel Cherkashin [pictured], who moved to San Francisco from Russia four years ago, plans to shake up advertising with a technology that will make blockchain possible for the digital industry.

The product launches for advertisers on Dec. 1. It took BPC engineers about six months to build. "We are in the final stages of development," Cherkashin said.

BPC was established to develop and operate the first blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform that integrates the core technology of any programmatic real-time bidding service.

Just as the introduction of programmatic shook up the advertising industry, the integration of blockchain aims to do the same.

"Google search results look more like an Encyclopedia Britannica," he said. "We want to build the Wikipedia for the market and make it an open platform available to everyone."

The platform is meant to make this type of technology available to smaller businesses, cross-border companies to ease currency exchange challenges, and improve the trust factor across the industry. More...