Brandwatch First to Offer Full Access To Mumsnet Data

Phillip Agnew

Phillip Agnew

October 9, 2018 - Phillip Agnew [pictured], Product Marketing Manager at Brandwatch, writes: Imagine you’re launching a product targeted at parents.

You’ll probably want to run a focus group to gauge their interests.

So, you spend £500 renting a space. £750 recruiting facilitators. £100 for participant incentives. £1,000 for a moderator. And £1,500 for the report and analysis.

In total, a six-person focus group comes out at £3,850.

And that’s for just one focus group.

What if, instead of a two-hour session, you could easily hear discussion all the time? What if, instead of just six people, you could interact with 12 million? And what if, instead of focusing on one or two topics, you could analyze everything from brand preferences, to favorite emojis?

Introducing Brandwatch + Mumsnet

Today, we’re happy to announce that Brandwatch is the first social listening platform to offer full access to Mumsnet data.

In addition to full ongoing coverage, customers will also be able to analyze five years of historical Mumsnet data. More...