Brandwatch Image Insights: The Image Analytics Platform To Track Every Logo

Caspar Atkinson

Caspar Atkinson

NEW YORK, June 28, 2017/PRNewswire/— Brandwatch has created an image recognition platform that can track and analyze any logo.

Brandwatch’s new image analysis technology lets customers monitor any logo, including notoriously difficult to track logos like the Nike swoosh.

After independently benchmarking the technology, Brandwatch found its Image Insights technology is 3x more accurate, and collects 10x more coverage* than the closest competitor. Brandwatch Image Insights is the first technology of its kind in the social intelligence industry.

“If you want access to image analyses and detection, without worrying about data quality and quantity, then Brandwatch Image Insights is the solution for you,” said Caspar Atkinson [pictured], Chief Product Officer at Brandwatch. “Image Insights is the result of 18 months of meticulous development work, and we’re proud to release a truly groundbreaking product.” More...