Brandwatch’s Quick Search brings speed to mass social data analysis

Giles Palmer

Giles Palmer

BRIGHTON, Oct 17, 2017/PRNewswire/— The world’s leading social intelligence company, Brandwatch, has unveiled Quick Search, the first enterprise social intelligence solution to instantly segment all of your social data.

Revealing Quick Search at Now You KnowTM Europe, the feature allows marketers to search through millions of online conversations in an instant, with no need for spreadsheets, formulas or boolean operators.

Available to all Brandwatch users today, Quick Search is the fastest and easiest way for clients to find insights in their data.

Whether you want to find the positive and negative sentiment behind Adidas’ products or the major trends at Google’s I/O conference, all you need is Quick Search.

“We looked at our customers and discovered something. You wouldn’t search the web without a search engine, so why should you analyze the web without a search engine,” said Giles Palmer [pictured] at the company’s NYK conference. “That’s why we’ve built Quick Search. To make difficult social data analysis search-bar simple”. More...