Call for Data - Lufthansa / I-COM Data Science Hackathons

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Take the opportunity to win Lufthansa & potentially other Brands as a client and showcase your data by providing it for use in the I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2018.


The Lufthansa Challenge

"What could be the new KPIs for marketing communication (besides the ones on a contribution level towards revenue & growth) to reflect marketing's effect on the digital strength of Lufthansa in the Airline Industry?”

As one of the world's leading airlines, Lufthansa has a very strong brand with stable positioning and sales, especially in Germany. Given the fundamental changes in marketing channels & technology and expected digital disruption happening in all industries due to digital transformation processes, Lufthansa is interested in identifying new KPIs that reflect digital strength and sustainability. This is to measure and improve the contribution of marketing towards digital transformation, apart from the digitalization of products and services.

Customer-centric and insight-driven marketing communication increases the perception of innovation and digital strength which in turn secures the longterm positioning of Lufthansa.

Currently, the I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2018 Board is working on specifying a competition to address this challenge. 

Some of the potential questions to answer could be:

  • Identify new methodologies that could help to monitor the market and optimize Lufthansa’s marketing position.
  • How can Lufthansa Marketing find a new perspective on competitive analysis and define digital strength?
  • How could future disruption be detected and where could it come from?
  • What data could provide an early indication of a change in sales and branding?
  • What indicators could impact (digital) sales in the long run?


We invite your company to contribute your data to this exciting and timely challenge. In 2017, Google, Kantar Media, Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar Shopcom, NPD, Twitter and YouGov provided data. Join this group of leading data providers.

To become a Data Provider, you are kindly asked to:

  1. Provide a detailed description of the data contents and format;
  2. Let us know why, in your opinion, your data set could be a useful for solving this particular Lufthansa’s challenge.

As a data provider, a representative of your company will be invited to join the Data Science Hackathons Jury so that you can have a front row seat and observe how your data is used and meet the people involved.

If you are interested in contributing your data, please send us the above requested information to by February 23, 2018.