Can data analytics transform the eCommerce channel

A few weeks ago E Fundamentals was announced as one of the finalists for I-COM’s Data Startup challenge Award within the Attribution category. Given the discourse around companies not reaping the rewards from data despite how advanced insights have become, we’re proud to say that we’re a tech startup that’s working to bridge that gap and making real money for our clients as we do it.

The gap between data and value
The need for a digital transformation in the retail sector has been an ongoing heated debate with City A.M predicting that the UK will see more retailers fall into administration in 2017 than it did post Lehman brothers. We have access to more data than ever before as well as tools to gain deep insights about what works and what doesn’t, and yet still tying it all together so it serves your purpose falls short.

Reinforcing this was Retail Week’s recent report which claimed that only 44% of companies have identified the capabilities needed to transform their organisation so it meets the demands of the modern day shopper. Yet only 24% know what this transformation looks like whilst a staggering 62% of brands haven’t even started making changes to their approach. More...