Carlsberg makes waves to reduce plastic waste


Danish brewery reveals mermaid ‘canstruction’ to launch new multipack that will reduce plastic waste by 1,200 tonnes annually.

TODAY, Thursday 6 September, Carlsberg unveiled its own unique version of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue made entirely from its new Snap Pack cans – a packaging innovation that removes the need for plastic wrapping and will eliminate 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

Held together with glue just like the Snap Pack cans, the mermaid ‘canstruction‘ embodies Carlsberg’s intent to make beer that is not only great tasting but is also better for the environment.

Three metres high, the new installation features a rising tide of 137 kilograms of plastic – representative of the amount of plastic that Carlsberg will be eliminating every hour (that is 1,200 tonnes a year), thanks to Snap Pack. A world first for the beer industry, this packaging innovation will reduce the amount of plastic used in traditional multipacks by up to 76%.

Closely associated with Carlsberg, the original Little Mermaid statue was commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, son of the company’s founder, in 1913 as a gift to the people of Copenhagen.

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director at Carlsberg Group, explains: “Proving that sustainable packaging does not have to be a fairy-tale, Snap Pack is the latest in a series of packaging innovations from Carlsberg. Building on our sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO, it is our first major initiative to directly impact the people who love Carlsberg. Ultimately, we brew great-tasting beer, but we also recognise our responsibility to operate sustainably and always strive for better. Snap Pack delivers on all fronts; it gives consumers the choice of Probably the best beer in the world and one that is also better for the environment.” More...