Catalina’s New Chief Product Officer Personifies Company Commitment to Innovation

Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter

February 27, 2019 - Catalina, the market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media that converts shoppers into buyers, is launching Catalina ID Graph following a highly successful pilot with several major retailers and CPG manufacturers. This breakthrough offering, conceived and nurtured by a team led by Catalina’s relatively new Chief Product Officer and Head of Innovation Kevin Hunter [pictured], finally connects the dots between the digital ads shoppers see and the items they actually buy in-store.

Hunter was promoted to his current role in Oct. 2018, shortly after Catalina CEO Jerry Sokol joined the company and double-downed on Catalina’s commitment to develop and deliver innovative marketing solutions to its customers, whether in-store or digitally. Catalina ID Graph and the company’s recently introduced Multi-Touch AttributR are two of Hunter’s early contributions.

Specifically, Catalina ID Graph is a major boon for brands and retailers who need to improve the effectiveness of their digital media dollars in targeting the right audience, individually personalizing media messages, and measuring buyer behavior in-store down to the item level.

“Catalina ID Graph maps 168 million loyalty-based identifiers to 389 million digital devices, including cookies,” explained Hunter. “This direct mapping of shoppers’ store card IDs to their digital devices lets advertisers precisely reach their ideal targets by drawing upon up to two years of in-store purchase history and then pointedly delivering highly relevant messages directly to the mobile and desktop devices associated with those ID’s. As a result, ad performance can be measured at the UPC level based on in-store sales.” More...