Chief data officer: the role leading business transformation

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May 30, 2018 - David Cowan, author and editor at-large of The Global Legal Post, writes at Raconteur: The future of the chief data officer (CDO) is intriguing as there’s a transformational shift happening. Most sizeable companies will have a CDO by next year and the role is becoming better defined. Like compliance and sustainability leaders before them, the chief data officer was once seen as a policeman telling companies what they can’t do or priests telling them to stop and sin no more. However, the role is now moving along a more progressive and prophetic track. 

CDOs are increasingly present in the C-suite, showing their bosses where the next opportunities, as well as threats, lie. The top drivers are sales and revenue growth, cost-reduction and efficiency-savings, and the need to improve customer intelligence. This means CDOs need to find new ways of talking to the top. More...