CNN International Commercial transforms insight and AI capabilities through creation of Audiences and Data group

Mark Sear

Mark Sear

June 7, 2017CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) is investing in industry-leading data insight, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as it evolves the way that advertisers can partner with CNN for pan regional TV and digital campaigns that are fully accountable, regardless of the platform.

These capabilities reflect the way that CNN now works with advertisers on pre-dominantly multiplatform brand solutions in a dynamic pan-regional trading environment. A new Audiences and Data centre of excellence is established within CNNIC, replacing the linear-focused research function which has traditionally relied on industry surveys for audience insight. Headed by data scientist Mark Sear [pictured], who joins from EMC Consulting, the Audiences and Data group will harness data to spearhead innovation across all parts of CNN’s international business and deliver cutting-edge evidence-based solutions for CNNIC’s clients.

Areas of focus for the newly-created group include:

  • Predictive analytics for audience segmentation and engagement
  • Use of AI to develop dialogue between brands and audiences as part of the digital advertising experience
  • Advanced partnerships and systems integration between CNNIC and brands, tech companies and universities
  • Development of advanced audience measurement metrics to complement, and eventually replace, the existing linear-focused survey data. More...