comScore Partners with Adobe to Help Marketers Deliver Hyper-Personalized Messages in a Post-GDPR, Post-Cookie Era

Anthony Psacharopoulos

Anthony Psacharopoulos

RESTON, VA - September 11, 2018 - comScore, a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, has announced a partnership with Adobe that empowers marketers to achieve more brand-safe, relevant advertising via advanced contextual targeting through Adobe Advertising Cloud.

The pre-bid targeting solution leverages comScore’s proprietary technology to help brands reach customers in more appropriate environments without the use of cookie-based information—a genre of targeting that is increasingly in-demand in the post-GDPR era.

comScore’s contextual technology crawls page-level content from more than 300 million URLs each day and employs a self-learning algorithm to understand word associations and pairings across roughly 350,000 topics. The technology then classifies the core content of each page against industry standard and custom categories, brand safety criteria, and predicted viewability to drive placement and bid decisions – and in near-real time.

“Contextual targeting has proven to be an efficient strategy for reaching relevant consumers without the use of cookie-level data and we’re excited to partner with Adobe Advertising Cloud to offer their customers a pre-bid targeting solution that leverages this approach,” Anthony Psacharopoulos [pictured], EVP at comScore. “Paired with our post-campaign verification and measurement solutions, partners can be confident that they are targeting audiences in relevant, brand-safe environments while continuously optimizing and improving over time via a holistic, closed-loop solution.” More...