Conference Review: I-COM Global Summit 2016 Succeeds with Data Focus

Stefan Boom, Director, Sales at SSI, writes: “Making data human” was an appropriate and successful theme for the April 2016 I-COM Global Summit in Seville, Spain. This larger-than-life event drew 400 delegates of the Smart Data Marketing Elite from 30 countries, which serves as a good indication of the rising importance of data in the marketing and media industries.

This was my second time attending the I-COM Summit, after going to San Sebastian last year, and it’s unlike any other research and data conference I’ve attended. I was impressed by the whole event, particularly with these three key observations:

1. Impressive Innovation by Marketing and Media Teams – The Data Hackathon and the Data Creativity Awards indicated to me that marketing and media is ahead of the more traditional market research industry. Contenders are challenged to use data, in any form, to come up with new and very innovative ways of data prediction, connecting data science with marketing and creating competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from data. What the competing teams came up with was highly creative and indicated the ways companies and their leaders are approaching the fast-evolving business world.