Data Profiling: the new solution from Médiamétrie that enables optimised targeting of TV and Internet advertising campaigns

Estelle Duval

Estelle Duval

17.04.2019 - Médiamétrie continues to develop its data business and is launching Data Profiling, a solution based on artificial intelligence that enables optimised targeting of advertising campaigns on catch-up TV via a box and online.

Alongside Data Checking and Data Enriching, Médiamétrie is launching Data Profiling. This solution allows TV and Internet publishers to associate a socio-demographic profile to their unqualified data about television consumption or website visits. For example, Data Profiling identifies the composition and profile of individuals in households using catch-up on IPTV on their TV set, as well as the socio-demographic characteristics from cookies for website users.

Data profiling relies on an innovative methodology that is based on artificial intelligence. This methodology exploits machine learning algorithms to select the exclusive and optimal model for each data set to be qualified. This method also builds on the data derived from Médiamétrie’s TV and Internet panels.

With Data Profiling, we wanted to pool our data with the data from TV and internet publishers by means of an AI-based qualification method. Our aim was to determine the socio-demographic profile of users for whom this profile is unknown,” stated Estelle Duval [pictured], Director of Médiamétrie’s Data Department. “Data Profiling thus offers new and more precise targeting opportunities at the individual level compared to household-based targeting, and it is currently being deployed for certain publishers.” More...