Data & technology: The keys to advertising to one billion people

Atique Kazi

Atique Kazi

January 23, 2018 - Campaign Asia: Atique Kazi [pictured], Director, India at Xaxis, writes: India has an enormous digital audience that can often be viewed as too overwhelming for domestic advertisers, much less international advertisers.

To quantify the size of the opportunity, consider that India is estimated to have more than 450 million Internet users, second only to China (nearly 700 million), and well ahead of USA in third, which notches up 240 million people on the Internet. 

This size brings complexity, whether it's rural-urban consumption differences, ethnic and cultural nuances, or fast changing consumer preferences, underpinned by 22 different languages and six distinct metropolitan areas. A cookie cutter mass advertising approach simply does not work for brand advertisers.

Furthermore, India has a multitude of different advertising and consumer experience touch-points, and the opportunity to connect with consumers across many channels is significant and growing. 

However, print and TV advertising sits at the top of the media mix, as advertisers look to capture as many eyeballs and impressions as they can. In addition, with some businesses adopting long tail approaches, ad experiences have also sometimes been compromised. More...