Dataiku Launches Global For-Good Initiative, Ikig.Ai, To Bring AI To Non-Profit Organizations

Marc Batty

Marc Batty

NEW YORK - June 13, 2019 -- Dataiku, one of the world's leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, today announced its new initiative aimed at putting AI tools and skills behind non-profit causes, called The program empowers non-profit organizations to unlock the full potential of AI by providing Dataiku software and data science resources to make a difference.

The Ocean Cleanup, a non-government environmental engineering organization that uses technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans, is the inaugural non-profit organization to partner with Dataiku on the initiative.

Through their partnership and thanks to, The Ocean Cleanup uses a free license of the Dataiku platform to maximize the use of their data and help them become more efficient and effective. The Dataiku Data Science Team continues to support the organization with logistics, image detection (including identifying plastic in drone images and barrier identification), marketing operations and also day-to-day use of the Dataiku platform.

"As an organization, we feel it's our responsibility to give back to our community, and we encourage our employees to become involved in projects they're passionate about," said Marc Batty [pictured], co-founder and Head of at Dataiku. We have a special talent at Dataiku and the chance to use our ability to democratize data to change the world. We're going to take it. We are proud of our first success supporting The Ocean Cleanup - using data for good." More...