Ebiquity: Attributing credit where it’s due

Andrew Challier

Andrew Challier

May 9, 2017 - Andrew Challier [pictured], Chief Client Officer of Ebiquity, writes: The Harvard Business Review – no less – has declared ‘data scientist’ to be the sexiest job in the 21st century[1]. The organisers of I-COM have definitely received this memo. For at the end of last month, the leading lights of data science in the media and marketing community came together for the 8th annual i-com global summit for marketing data and measurement. The event was held in suitably glittering venues across the city of Porto. Move over, Cannes Lions, there’s a more evidence-based party in town.

Ebiquity took a strong and experienced team to i-com, all of whom took part in the event; as presenters, panel members and, most excitingly of all, as part of the i-com data science hackathon. Over the course of the summit, we found our thinking very much aligned with the cutting edge of an industry looking for smarter, more rigorous, and better use of data – both in terms of our approach to digital attribution and the quality of our in-house data scientists. 


While most of the conference delegates were still arriving, looking forward to sitting in comfort and being refreshed at the breaks by fine European fare, teams of data scientists were already working away in rooms with no air conditioning or natural light for 24 hours, as they wrestled with the data challenges posed in the i-com data science hackathon. More...