Emotion Tech Pioneer Realeyes Expands AI Team After Raising $16.2M In Growth Funding

Mihkel Jäätma

Mihkel Jäätma

May 22, 2018 - David Waterhouse, Global Comms Director and PR specialist for Realeyes, writes: Realeyes - a tech company that uses emotional AI software to help advertisers such as Coca-Cola and Mars maximise the impact of their video marketing - today announces a $16.2M (€13.5M Euros) funding round led by Draper Esprit and joined by Karma Ventures and Harbert European Growth Capital, plusprevious investors The Entrepreneurs Fund and Tera Ventures.

The investment will be used to drive the company’s continued innovation in its emotion tech platform and grow its pioneering AI team.

Barry Coleman, who joins from LootCrate, the fastest-growing +$100m revenue company in the US (source: Inc), will be responsible for continuing the tech firm’s growth trajectory as Chief Operating Officer (COO). World-leading academic Prof. Maja Pantic - a professor of affective and behavioural computing at Imperial College London who has been on the Realeyes Advisory Board for over four years – will also be taking on a more hands-on role.

Coleman and Prof. Pantic will both report to CEO Mihkel Jäätma [pictured], who is based at the company’s London HQ. The company also has offices in New York, Boston and Budapest.

Mihkel, who co-founded the company while studying at Oxford University, said: “These are exciting times - not just for Realeyes, but the marketing industry as a whole. We’re only starting to get a tantalising glimpse at the incredible impact and disruption that AI can bring to a number of different sectors, including the creative industries." More...