Verve Releases SDK 4.0 to Supercharge the Revenue-Generating Power of In-App Inventory

Mark Fruehan

Mark Fruehan

NEW YORK — June 26, 2019 — Rachel Pasqua of Verve writes: Verve, the leading platform for location-powered programmatic video and display marketing, today announces the release of the Verve SDK 4.0 for Android and iOS. Lightweight and easy to integrate, with native support for all industry standard mobile ad formats and access to a breadth of demand sources, the new Verve SDK has been built from the ground up to enhance the revenue-generating power of publishers’ in-app inventory.

Verve’s location-enriched first-party data and high-impact in-app display and video formats are a powerful combination for publishers. According to a January 2019 Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Pubmatic, buyers now allocate 45% of digital budgets to mobile, split evenly between in-app and mobile web. The majority (73%) strongly prefer in-app for programmatic campaigns, with 56% citing superior targeting and 54% reporting higher customer engagement with in-app formats. Programmatic by design, the Verve SDK 4.0 supports server-side header bidding, including solutions from Fyber and MoPub, as well as all industry standard in-app video and display formats inclusive of VAST 4.1, VPAID 2, and MRAID 2. These same ad formats deliver on buyers’ expectations for superior targeting and engagement thanks to Verve’s proprietary location intelligence, including highly accurate proximity data from Verve’s beacon network and connectivity to third-party sensors.

The Verve SDK 4.0 also streamlines third-party measurement, a valuable benefit in an industry where, according to Pubmatic and Forrester, 52% of brand advertisers and 36% agency buyers cite fraud as their biggest concern when running in-app campaigns. Recently certified as IAB OM SDK compliant, Verve SDK 4.0 supports the easy implementation of third-party partners for viewability and verification, enabling buyers to move forward with confidence and sellers to derive maximum revenue from their in-app inventory.

“The Verve SDK 4.0 was designed to combine the highest quality data and creative with optimal flexibility for implementation, delivery, and measurement,” said Mark Fruehan [pictured], EVP Velocity Programmatic Marketplace at Verve. “SDK integration tends to be a complex, time-consuming process; as veterans in building mobile SDKs, it was our goal to streamline that process to the greatest degree possible. Our new SDK, including special versions for game developers using Unity and Air, provides adaptors that make it easy for publishers to fully monetize their in-app inventory with robust creative via both programmatic and managed service and to offer buyers their choice of measurement and verification solutions.” More...