Expanding Presence in China: Analytic Partners Opens Shanghai Office

Hong Jin

Hong Jin

Shanghai, June 6, 2018Analytic Partners, a leader in global marketing analytics, announced the opening of a new office in Shanghai, China, the company’s first in mainland China. The new office and expanded presence in China will help to service clients in the region and provide insights for the fast-growing market.

Chief Science Officer, Hong Jin [pictured], has been leading the effort to expand Analytic Partners into China, one of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world. In addition to his science and corporate leadership capacity, he will also focus on overseeing the expansion. Plans include partnering with Chinese and multi-national companies to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing investments to help these brands better understand their customers and optimize ROI. In addition, due to the hypergrowth of the Chinese domestic market, Analytic Partners has customized its analytics and deliverables with a focus on the capture of market share for clients pursuing that KPI.

Analytic Partner’s Shanghai office will also serve as the center of the company’s new Think Tank to focus on developing measurement and modeling innovations including big data analytics, CRM and customer value, data driven enterprise decision support and optimization, and AI applications in strategic marketing. Jin is partnering with local university and academic centers to allow for access to local resources and data.

“Having a local presence in China opens up opportunities to further help our global clients as well as to drive innovation,” said Jin. “By basing our Innovation Think Tank out of Shanghai we will benefit from deep data, local expertise, and a quickly evolving market.” More...