Experian Grows MarTech Community to Enhance Brand-Audience Connectivity

Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean

August 21, 2018 - Sudipto Ghosh of MarTech writes: Experian has announced the Experian activation partners program, which is designed to help advertisers create and deliver campaigns that better resonate with audiences across all marketing channels. The program aims to help advertisers connect them with people through various media channels.

The Program Helps Marketers Remain Compliant with Privacy Standards and Protect Consumer Information

The Experian activation partners program helps solve a wide variety of business challenges — whether it’s finding new customers or seamlessly launching campaigns across multiple channels, including social media, television, and mobile, as well as all major media organizations. Additionally, the program helps marketers remain compliant with privacy standards and protect consumer information.

At the time of this announcement, Kevin Dean [pictured], Experian’s President of Marketing Services, said, “We’re committed to helping brands uncover the right audience segments and deliver advertising campaigns that resonate with consumers.”

Kevin added, “Our new partner program is designed to do just that — maximize the power of data and technology with leading technology platforms to help advertisers make the right marketing decisions and better connect brands with people.” More...