Eyeota Pushes further into Russia and CIS Markets with AmberDATA

Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan

03/09/17 - Bennie Sham of Eyeota writes: New data segments offer a detailed view of Eastern European consumers’ interests and preferences

Eyeota and AmberDATA have formed a partnership to integrate over 400 regional data segments collected from more than 200 million users into the Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace.

The addition of AmberDATA’s unique segments allows advertisers, marketers, media buyers and agencies targeting consumers in Russia and CIS markets to access a detailed view of their audiences. With an accurate picture of their customers, advertisers can create more valuable and relevant campaigns to help them engage with the right audiences.

Kevin Tan [pictured], CEO, Eyeota, says: “This is an exciting partnership for us as we look to increase our presence in new markets. Russia’s digital advertising and programmatic sectors are set to grow exponentially as more audiences turn to online and mobile devices to consume content and shop. We are excited to work with AmberDATA to deepen our roots in the region.” More...