Facebook Admits To More Ad Measurement Problems

November 16, 2016 - Gavin O'Malley, Editor, Social Media & Marketing Daily at Mediapost, writes: Testing the patience of brand partners, Facebook reported some additional ad-metric inaccuracies on Wednesday.

On one of its Pages dashboards, for instance, a summary number showing 7-day or 28-day organic page reach was miscalculated as a simple sum of daily reach instead of de-duplicating repeat visitors over those periods, Facebook admitted.

“However, the vast majority of reach data in the Page Insights dashboard … was unaffected,” the social giant insists in a new blog post.

The re-duplicated 7-day summary in the overview dashboard will be 33% lower on average and 28-day will be 55% lower, according to Facebook. The “bug” has been live since May, it said, adding: “It does not affect paid reach.” More...