Five Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Data Needs

Five Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Data Needs.jpg

May 16, 2019 - Leah Pope, Chief Marketing Officer at Datorama, writes for Forbes: With thousands of marketing technology vendors to choose from, most companies are using multiple products to meet customers where they are -- whether they’re scrolling through Instagram, doing a Google search, checking their email or entering a store. As a result, marketing stacks today may consist of dozens of different technologies and potentially thousands of data streams.

This fractured landscape makes it difficult for companies to get a holistic view of their customer data and analyze marketing performance, but finding a solution is imperative. Visibility is critical to the success of today’s marketing teams -- that’s what allows them to optimize strategies, course correct if needed and achieve campaign goals.

Companies have sprouted up to address this need. As the chief marketing officer (CMO) of one such platform that provides a single source of truth for integrating customer data, tracking marketing performance and analyzing return on investment, it is clear that these marketing intelligence tools are entering the mainstream. However, I have found that some marketers remain unclear about their long-term uses.

As customer expectations for personalized engagement evolve, CMOs need to understand how influential trends will affect the way they evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and how marketing intelligence can help them stay one step ahead. Here are the five trends that I believe are shaking up the marketing industry.

1. Artificial intelligence is moving beyond the hype.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are now capable of doing the heavy lifting in processing massive amounts of data. For example, marketers can create continuous data source connections and automatically organize data in real time without specialized technical skills. More...