Google Agrees to YouTube Metrics Audit to Ease Advertisers’ Concerns

Babak Pahlavan

Babak Pahlavan

Feb. 21, 2017 - Mike Shields of The Wall Street Journal writes: It’s tax season for Americans, and apparently it’s audit season for digital media.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is committing to a series of audits for its web video powerhouse YouTube by the ad industry’s measurements watchdog, the Media Rating Council. Less than two weeks ago, Facebook also announced it had agreed to have some of its ad metrics audited by the MRC.

Specifically, Google said the MRC will audit the way that three independent metrics companies—Moat, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify—collect data measuring whether video ads are viewable on YouTube and how long they are viewed. Those audits will evaluate everything from the technology being used and how it’s integrated on YouTube’s website and app to the way the data is crunched. 

“Our data has to be trusted and comprehensive. We are very in tune with the idea,” said Babak Pahlavan [pictured], Google’s senior director of product management, analytics solutions and measurement. Mr. Pahlavan said that Google’s move had been in the works for years and wasn't a reaction to industry pressure or Facebook’s recent announcement. More...