How Experian can protect you from identity theft

Experian Identity Theft.jpg

September 18, 2018 - Jaime Carrillo of The Daily Dot writes: Bad news: Identity theft has reached an all-time high. Good news: IdentityWorksSM Plus by Experian is an effective weapon against this rising threat. Even better news: the service is free for the first 30-days.

Criminals can nab far more than just your name on the Dark Web. Now, all your personal information including your address, Social Security number, and other sensitive info is often sold to the highest bidder.

According to a study by Javelin Strategy and Research, about 16.7 million individuals were affected by identity theft in 2017 alone. Not even sophisticated chip card technology can stop some of these extra-savvy criminals.

Experian, one of the leaders in consumer credit reporting agencies, has built what can only be described as a suit of armor when you’re surfing and shopping online. IdentityWorksSM Plus has everything you want from any great identity theft protection and credit monitoring service.

Chief among the services provided are Dark Web surveillance. Experian sweeps the internet’s seedy underbelly to ensure there’s no trace of you on it. This will keep all those Dark Web criminals away from your sensitive information. More...