How Kia Used Data and Personalisation to Increase Sales and Test Drives

Kia Havas Media Spain.jpg

The Kia Lead Generation System by Havas Media Spain was recently named best performing automotive campaign by WARC

Havas UK Jun 27, 2019 Posted at LBBOnline - Kia, South Korea’s second-largest carmaker, came to Havas Media Spain looking to increase sales, test drives and requests for quotes by optimising its digital funnel and reducing lead acquisition costs. Havas Media embarked on a collaborative project with Kia that do would more than just improve the navigation on Kia’s landing pages and websites, personalising the user experience in the most individual way possible, not only in the digital realm, but also in call centres and car dealerships.

The agency created the Kia Lead Generation System, a system that records a complete data footprint, from ad impact to the call centre and, finally, the Kia car dealership, to feed Kia’s customer service and sales operatives all the info they needed to manage the lead effectively and close a sale once the customer is at the dealership.

The system offers personalised content to those searching for a new car online, based on their profiles and interests. It also allows Kia to monitor and optimise the entire customer journey process through the whole sales funnel, giving them a deeper vision of each lead and enabling them to make better investment decisions in real time.

According to Concepcion Martinez Valero, key account manager at Havas Media Spain: “In a day and age where more and more people are using the internet to purchase products, or at least to decide on making the purchase or not, one of the biggest keys to a successful business is the generation of new online sales leads. More...