How to Defeat Data Chaos with Marketing Intelligence

Eugen Knippel

Eugen Knippel

March 25, 2019 - Eugen Knippel [pictured], Head of Growth Marketing at Adverity, writes: More and more executives I talk to raise concerns about data chaos in their organization.

Many of them admit to failing to take full advantage of the growing amount of data their companies collect. Others confess to not even knowing what data they gather, where it is or whether they could trust it at all.

As a result, some ask whether they should just accept the data on face value, leaving it up to their analysts to make any sense of it later. There doesn’t seem to be any other way, after all.

I address their concerns in two steps, typically.

First, I put their problem in a broader context. Then, I discuss how marketing intelligence helps overcome their data chaos.

Let’s follow the same process here.

The Reasons Behind Data Chaos
We create an astonishing amount of data each day. We’ve generated over 90% of all today’s information in the last two years alone, in fact. More...