I-COM Data Creativity Awards - Interview with Andreas Cohen, I-COM Chairman

I-COM News Editor in Conversation with I-COM Founder & Chairman, Andreas Cohen on the I-COM Data Creativity Awards.

Andreas, can you share some of the background to the I-COM Data Creativity Awards?

Andreas Cohen (AC): “In 2017 the Data Creativity Awards will be in its 5th edition.  We seek out the most creative people and companies that are achieving business value and competitive advantage and are using a range of new, creative ways to leverage value from data.  I see all of the I-COM Awards as not only recognising excellence and the work of the best and the brightest, but also providing a unique platform for the Finalists to meet and present to the gathered industry leaders and influencers at our I-COM Global Summit. Helping our community share and form collaborations is a key component of I-COM’s mission.”


Entries for the Awards are now open, any tips on submitting an Entry?

AC: “I-COM continues to work at making sure we provide high levels of support to all our potential entrants.  In addition to being able to submit your entry online, we have launched a newly expanded FAQ page on our website - http://www.i-com.org/data-creativity-awards-faq.  An Entry Kit can also be requested – the Entry Kit includes a blank entry template so you can work offline and take time to prepare and create your entry.  We know many find this is a really useful tool.”


In 2017, there is a new Award Category?

AC: “That’s correct.  As part of our continuing development of the I-COM Data Creativity Awards we have added a new Award Category for Content Marketing.   This now makes a total of 9 Entry Categories for 11 Data Creativity Awards for this year. We are also adding Content Marketing to our I-COM Data Startup Challenge.”


Why Content Marketing?

AC: “Just like Marketing Data & Measurement, it’s important to evolve.  I am going to ask one of our distinguished I-COM Jury members to explain a little more about Content Marketing in an upcoming special feature article.”


Can you share your thoughts on what a winning Award Entry looks like?

AC:  "Good question - though without one answer.  There isn’t a template or sole winning formula.  The Jury are looking for a number of elements associated with excellence in Data Creativity, such as integration of data; utilising different marketing sciences; innovative use of technology; creativity in analytics, data visualisation or data sourcing.  SKO / Kantar Media, Winners of the I-COM Data Creativity Awards for Mobile in 2016 have kindly given us permission to share their Entry.  It’s published on our website, and I would encourage you take the time to have a read of it.”

I-COM 2016 Gala Awards Dinner    I-COM Data Creativity Awards // Video Category Winner: SKO and Kantar Media, The Netherlands

I-COM 2016 Gala Awards Dinner

I-COM Data Creativity Awards // Video Category Winner: SKO and Kantar Media, The Netherlands

Any final advice to Entrants?

AC: “Absolutely. Firstly, as we all know, preparation is key…I have already mentioned some of the tools that I-COM has made available - but if you’re thinking about entering, I would strongly recommend that you complete the “Intention to Enter” now.   It’s a “quick form” – will trigger an Entry Kit to you and help our I-COM Awards Team keep you on-track for your final Entry Submission.    Don’t forget the Entry deadline is January 31st.   And of course, I wish you all the very best of luck.”

For more detail on the I-COM Data Creativity Awards 2017, please go to http://www.i-com.org/data-creativity-awards-2017