I-COM launches Data Privacy Subcommittee


This is a new initiative under the I-COM Data Science Programme.

With the deadline of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming in May 2018, many companies are now attempting to interpret how these regulations may change their existing data collection and use policies to ensure their compliance. Despite the lack of agreement on how the regulations ought to apply to various components of the Ad Tech ecosystem, this new regulation has introduced a useful framework into the privacy discussion. Previous legal and self-regulatory frameworks divided data into personally identifiable information (PII) and anonymous data (which could not be associated with PII without first obtaining prior opt-in consent). The new framework adds a third class of pseudo-anonymous data, which enables partial unidirectional matching of PII with anonymous tokens (cookies or mobile ids).

The purpose of the Data Privacy Subcommittee is to review the various legal and self-regulatory frameworks and their key differences across regions and devices. Given the lack of clarity around what key terms mean and how rules apply, this Subcommittee will offer companies a forum to compare their understanding, discuss approaches to collecting and using data in a privacy compliant fashion, and review particular use cases associated with this data and its increasingly important role within programmatic advertising. The members do not need to be privacy experts. Instead each can bring relevant experience and insight into how the changing abilities to collect and use data will impact buyers and sellers’ business models. The results of these discussions will be collected and submitted to the I-COM Journal for publication to a wider audience. 

To see the subcommittee members or learn how to join the initiatives, visit this page.