I-COM welcomes Group IMD Honeycomb as a Summit Partner


I-COM warmly welcomes Group IMD Honeycomb as a Partner for the I-COM Global Summit 2018.

Group IMD and Honeycomb offer workflow solutions for the entire TV advertising industry and develop technology to power a programmatic future.
Group IMD and Honeycomb automate workflows across the video ad delivery chain. Working with advertising agencies, production companies and broadcasters (and everyone in between), they create smart solutions to streamline processes, manage and track ads, ensure compliance and enable full integration with content distribution networks. They also own and operate the UK TV industry’s automated booking and creative exposure management platform, CARIA.
With a worldwide presence and expert teams in over 100 markets across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America, Group IMD and Honeycomb are helping make TV advertising more powerful and more effective around the globe.