I-COM welcomes Holimetrix as a New Member

I-COM is pleased to welcome Holimetrix as a new Member.

Holimetrix delivers technologies for video detection, digital tracking, marketing attribution and data advertising. These technologies enable Holimetrix' clients to track, measure and report their marketing spendings and improve the performance of TV & radio campaigns targeting digital performance.

Holimetrix' core business is  tracking and aggregating smart data focussed on "TVdrive2web".

Hiolimetrix monitors TV and radio sources of clients' media plans using a proprietary technology of audio and video detection timestamped to the second for each spot.

Holimetrix' data scientists exploit clients' data to assign relevant KPIs (e.g. visits, sales, leads) for each commercial. Holimetrix clearly shows efficiency and effectivity and assists in optimization of media planning.

Holimetrix is browserbased SaaS for real time monitoring results while offering the chance of individual analysis on the run.

Holimetrx' clients will be achieving a clearer view on media ROI on TV and Radio through leading software, algorithms and data analytics.

Holimetrix supports media professionals in their daily job and delivers a better understanding of data and algorithms to improve media strategies and investments.