I-COM welcomes zeotap as a Member

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I-COM is pleased to welcome zeotap as a Core Member.

zeotap unites the world's most valuable data to fuel growth across the mobile advertising ecosystem. zeotap achieves better results through rigid data testing and intelligent technology resulting in mobile targeting precision at scale. In 2017 alone, 35 of the world's top 100 brands have used zeotap's data through DBM, The Trade Desk, Adform amongst others and supply side partners such as Teads, Smartclip and major publishers across its live markets: the US, the big 5 in Europe - UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain - and India.

The first company to win major telecom operators around the world as data partners, zeotap has since become the leader in sourcing, refining and distributing high-quality data from large enterprises. We have earned our partners’ trust through a strict focus on regulatory compliance, privacy-by-design and information security, including ISO 27001 certification. More than half of zeotap's team are engineers and data scientists.

Through its partners, Zeotap currently has socio-demographic data that reaches up to 94% on-target reach, raw app user data which the company combines into high-performing segments based on single apps that is updated daily, purchase intent data sourced through raw mobile browsing URLs, other interesting telecom data attributes such as roaming, ARPU or business subscribers and vertical data such as official car census or payroll data. Zeotap's proprietary telecoms and enterprise-powered consumer device graph enables clients to do deterministic offline-to-mobile on-boarding, including the activation and enrichment of client CRMs. Lastly, zeotap can provide valuable insights for publishers and advertiser campaigns that can continuously empower a more accurate audience strategy.

Founded in Berlin in September 2014, zeotap today has offices in New York, London, Madrid, Milan, Bengaluru and Mumbai and counts all major media agencies and many global brands as its clients.