IAS rolls out time-based metrics in Singapore

Laura Quigley

Laura Quigley

May 22, 2019 - Jessica Goodfellow of CampaignAsia writes: Integral Ad Science has begun reporting its time-in-view metric in Singapore as part of the industry's broader shift from impressions to time-based measurement.

Time-in-view measures the average duration that an ad remains in view. This average excludes impressions that were not viewable according to the Media Ratings Council standard.

IAS first starting offering the metric to publishers globally two years, followed by brands and agencies in 2018.

In the APAC market, Australia and Japan have been reporting on the time-in-view metric for a year.

While time-in-view has been adopted by a range of global clients, IAS is hoping the wider rollout of the metric will raise awareness among local brands across Southeast Asia.

“As we’ve been studying how to better quantify attention over the years, we have found that shifting the focus from impressions to time-based metrics can make a real impact for advertisers,” said IAS South-East Asia managing director Laura Quigley [pictured]. More...