IBM announces Data Asset eXchange (DAX) to help developers use free and open data and AI


July 16, 2019 by Vijay Bommireddipalli, Frederick Reiss, Gabriela de Queiroz, Nick Pentreath: As more companies adopt artifical intelligence (AI), placing machine learning (ML) models into the hands of developers is imperative. To that end, the Center for Open-Source Data & AI Technologies (CODAIT) launched IBM Model Asset eXchange (MAX) in 2018 to help data scientists and developers easily discover ready-to-use free and open source machine learning and deep learning models.

Today at OSCON 2019, we announced the launch of the IBM Data Asset eXchange (DAX), an online hub for developers and data scientists to find carefully curated free and open datasets under open data licenses. Developers adopting ML models need open data that they can use confidently under clearly defined open data licenses.

Where possible, datasets posted on DAX will use the Linux Foundation’s Community Data License Agreement (CDLA) open data licensing framework to enable data sharing and collaboration. Furthermore, DAX provides unique access to various IBM and IBM Research datasets. IBM plans to publish new datasets on the Data Asset eXchange regularly. The datasets on DAX will integrate with IBM Cloud and AI services as appropriate.

Trusted source of open datasets
For developers, DAX provides a trusted source for carefully curated open datasets for AI. These datasets are ready for use in enterprise AI applications, with related content such as tutorials to make getting started easier.

For staff responsible for dataset usage and vetting, DAX provides curation as well as standardized dataset formats and metadata, in contrast with most other open dataset resources that tend to incorporate fewer quality and licensing terms checks. So DAX datasets are typically more straightforward to adopt within corporations. More...