IBM predicts AI will create a new breed of marketers

Artificial intelligence may change the industry

Artificial intelligence may change the industry

Andrew Blustein of The Drum writes: IBM predicts a new breed of marketers is emerging with the help of artificial intelligence.

IBM Watson Marketing released its 2019 Marketing Trends Report, highlighting trends in the industry. The team predicted that in the emotion economy, consumers will likely engage more with brands that are authentic and deliver on their convictions.

That may not be a new development on its own, but IBM believes AI and machine learning will make hyper-personalization a reality as the proliferation of data and the streamlining of marketing stacks will allow marketers to deliver personalized content at a massive scale.

Michael Trapani, marketing program director for IBM Watson Marketing, said emotion and personal connection doesn't have to be in conflict with the seemingly cold and calculating world of AI.

"Making a connection with a brand will always be a very human, emotion-driven process for consumers. Where AI and machine learning come in is the ability to better inform marketers based on uncovering insights about your customers that a human might not see or find. Those insights then enable human marketers to develop better and more relevant creative and then deliver it at scale across channels to individual consumers," said Trapani. More...