iHeartMedia Partners With AUTOFLYTE To Launch Exclusive Daily Automotive Sales Insights Tool - AUTOFLYTE EDGE

John Karpinski

John Karpinski

NEW YORK – August 28, 2018iHeartMedia and AUTOFLYTE announced today the launch of AUTOFLYTE EDGE, a new powerful automotive insights tool that features daily sales and market share data throughout each region to help dealerships market smarter and faster. AUTOFLYTE EDGE is available now exclusively through iHeartMedia. 

In an age when real-time analytics and insights are vital to a business’ success, dealerships have been confined to analyzing OEM reports and 60- to 90-day old registration data to guide their sales and marketing strategies. Now, for the first time, auto dealerships will be able to utilize iHeartMedia’s AUTOFLYTE EDGE tool to receive up-to-date daily automotive sales insights from their surrounding area, allowing them to completely customize and quickly update their sales and marketing strategies based on current market dynamics and trends. 

The EDGE platform houses insights for dealers across the U.S. and pinpoints the exact geographies where dealerships and their competitors are gaining and losing market share for specific nameplates down to a zip code, allowing dealers to identify where the most opportunity exists for their business right now.

“We are committed to technology-driven innovation and having the ability to offer even more targeting solutions for our advertisers that leverage the unparalleled local reach of radio,” said John Karpinski [pictured], Executive Vice President of Automotive Business Development & Partnerships for iHeartMedia. “AUTOFLYTE has partnered with the industry authority for automotive sales statistics to create the most powerful and credible insights tool available and we have partnered with AUTOFLYTE to bring this revolutionary technology to the market. With the new AUTOFLYTE EDGE platform, we will provide our auto partners the ability to break free from previous automotive marketing confinements and use timely information to precisely target new buyers.” More...