In Germany, GfK Consumer Insights for Mobile Programmatic Advertising

Friedrich Fleischmann

Friedrich Fleischmann

Nuremberg/Berlin, 07.02.2017 - adsquare’s data platform and GfK insights take mobile advertising to a new level

Mobile data exchange company adsquare is making region-based consumer insights from global market research company GfK available on their platform. The combination of rich consumer insights and a real-time mobile platform takes programmatic advertising to a new level.

GfK delivers vital global insights matched with local market intelligence. The GfK data that adsquare offers advertisers and their agencies includes detailed, local insights on financial market segments, consumer styles and purchasing power for up to 60 retail product lines. 

“Thanks to our data being offered on adsquare’s mobile marketplace, advertisers significantly enhance their mobile targeting. Automatic and real-time access to reliable and precise data on consumer segments and other local market potential indicators is key to success in mobile advertising”, says Friedrich Fleischmann [pictured], managing director of GfK’s Geomarketing division. More...