In Germany, Karin Immenroth of Wavemaker Joins I-COM Germany Advisory Board

Karin Immenroth.JPG

I-COM is pleased to announce that Karin Immenroth [pictured], the Chief Analytics Officer of Wavemaker in Germany, is joining the I-COM Germany Advisory Board.

Karin is responsible for MEC’s, now Wavemaker research department Analytics & Insight since November 2011.

After finishing her studies in communication science, Karin Immenroth started to work as a media researcher at Mediaplus. Before she moved to MEC Germany, she was Head of Research & Analytics at Tomorrow Focus Media. 

Over the years, she was nominated for different awards, e.g. for the BVM Best Paper Award and for the German Price in Online Communication (DPOK). Since Karin has joined MEC Germany, she accomplished a meaningful contribution to business development. In the past five years, she enhanced the agency’s research portfolio and gave Analytics & Insight a distinctive and unique profile. New client-partnerships and corresponding growth rates, reflect the success of her work. More…