In India, Subhasish Misra of Walmart Joins
I-COM Data Science Board

Subhasish Misra.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Subhasish Misra [pictured], Associate Data Scientist of Walmart in India, is joining the I-COM Data Science Board. 

He’s currently the data science lead for a group of talented statisticians working on harnessing diverse data sources to create scalable statistical/machine learning based solutions for customer analytics (and previously for assortment optimization).

With 10+ years of advanced analytics experience, Subhasish has previously worked at Hewlett Packard Co, WPP & Aon and consulted for many Fortune 500 clients across multiple geographies.

He has a marketing analytics patent on using Bayesian hierarchical models for customer re-purchase propensity forecasting and has written thought papers and delivered conference talks on data science related topics. His major interest areas are market response models, time series forecasting & CRM analytics.

Subhasish holds a M.A in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, where econometrics was one of his focus areas. More…