In Japan, Hakuhodo partners with Reaktor

Tokyo - November 1, 2016 - Hakuhodo Inc., Japan’s second largest advertising company, is pleased to announce its business partnership with Reaktor Japan. Hakuhodo and Reaktor offer Innovation Generator for Enterprise, a comprehensive digital technology support service. The service helps companies develop new businesses and digitalize their existing businesses.

Having a long track record of developing outstanding digital products for numerous companies around the globe, Reaktor (headquartered in Helsinki, Finland) possesses various advanced digital expertise ranging from developing IoT services to robot and satellite development. Reaktor also provides low-cost, low-risk development methods at a startup-like speed.

A partnership between the two companies has made it possible to combine Reaktor’s ability to bring ideas to life in digital technologies and Hakuhodo’s idea-development methods, ‘Sei-katsu-sha1 ’-oriented design skills and networking abilities cultivated over the years. More...