In Singapore, Near breaks ground with Allspark, its new Mobile-first Audience Cloud

June 06, 2016 Singapore - Near, the largest location intelligence platform, today announced the global launch of its Mobile-first Audience Cloud, Allspark. Powered by the Near platform, Allspark leverages diverse public and proprietary data sets which enable brands and enterprises to visualise and analyse audience location, behaviour, demography and interest data to power strategy, marketing and operations.

Allspark enables brands and enterprises to understand the dynamics of their target consumers by leveraging diverse public and proprietary data sets, and curate audience segments based on historical and real-time data. Allspark allows its users to use data points like places, demographics, interests, and pre-built audience sets to curate audiences. Furthermore, Allspark empowers brands to activate these curated segments, optimize targeting strategies in real-time to maximize effectiveness, and also measure the impact of their spends using attribution analytics.

“Allspark redefines how brands gather insights about their consumers and interact with them in real-time. It enables you to measure and compare the impact of your business decisions across different audience & locations, and optimise your investment,” says Anil Mathews [pictured], Founder & CEO at Near. “We believe that Allspark with its state-of-the-art technology can provide brands with the power and knowledge to stay ahead in the market. Our aim is to ensure that data driven consumer insights are within reach for all, and utilized where they will be most valued.” More...